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There are three elements that make the best persona; Green, White, and Red, it takes all three to get the right formula. Focus on getting a balanced junction of each, and you shall see magics happen before your eyes.

Myth: There's a rumor a PURE element exists.


It gives the ability to have instinct, the better your instinct the better your chances are through karma though the downside is your subconsciousness may take over. 

Conjunction with Rage


It gives the ability in making tough decisions without doubt or feeling any emotion or empathy, the downside is it may harden your heart. 

Conjunction with Illumination


It gives the ability to do things with an open mind wholeheartedly, the downside is you may have to work harder for others to see the value before they eventually give in because the world is not so keen to new ideas wholeheartedly. 

Conjunction with Natural


The better your junction of the three the better your persona will be to feel at ease with who you are, your confidence, and your surroundings in a peaceful state of mind; letting the outer rims be frying subliminally.


Precaution when practicing the junction because once a junction is mixed, it can be extremely difficult next to impossible to rejuvenate because it is considered a one time go; the best magic is if you get the formula right on the first go-around.

The Balance Flow of Life

Compression of Time

The State of everything feels like they are crumbling down as time rushing past the speed of light; does it ever stop? 

Stage II

Fragment of Memories

The state of time being still, frozen perhaps; the wish well of regrets and wanting your old life back.

Stage III


The state of every soul thrives to avoid; even if that means going through extraordinary lengths of consequences that eventually lead to eternal regrets. 

Stage IV


Wouldn't you like to know?


​Here is the Answer; precaution you will be playing with fire which may ultimately lead to your death!

dǝןns!on !ןןns!on

My Mind

The state of anything is a possibility; nostalgia!

Stage I

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